Friday, November 18, 2016

Jenn's Blog on 11/17

Today was our first school day at Shintoku high-school; located in Nichinan of Miyazaki. Nichinan is a very rural town where one can see beautiful greenery all around. 
At the school, we CGS students introduced ourselves to the entire student body while being broadcasted on local television. We were all a little nervous but it went away as the students enjoyed our introductions and asked us questions. 

Throughout the school day we had lessons some with the Japanese students like math, english classes where we talked to the students in english. The lessons were things like Japanese calligraphy and math. We even joined our host families for lunch, which was delicious.
After school we went to our host family to join in cleaning which involved sweeping classrooms and then went to homeroom.
The students were very welcoming and even let us see the archery and volleyball club during practice.

Going home to my host family today was very enjoyable, they took me out to dinner where I ate karaage and shoyu ramen. Then they took me out for something sweet to eat at Mcdonald's. At home, my host family began to teach me some kanji and easy ways to learn and remember simple ones. 

2nd day at Shintoku H.S. and Obi Castle walking tour